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Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - Se Ba Ho

“Se Ba Ho” is the opening track from the new Poly-Rythmo compilation “Echos Hypnotiques”. It is without doubt one of the most powerful “Sato” tracks ever recorded (Sato is a vodoun rhythm played during burial ceremonies).

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Totally rad new video for Yoshua Alikuti, from The Very Best, a Kiamaiko redo of Lil Wayne’s A Milli.

And more Dakar, through the eyes of Lionel Mandeix. 

Directed by Lionel Mandeix.

Dakar is gorgeous.

Xuman, a Senegalese artist, and Cee Pee, from Mauritania, opened for Youssou N’dour in the free concert for democracy last Tuesday at Place de l’Obélisque, as well as for Awadi and Tiken Jah Fakoly at the Cheikh Anta Diop University on Wednesday. 

In the clip for their single Li Lumu Doon (“What is that”, in Wolof), Xuman, a taximan, drives Cee Pee, his client, around Dakar. The duo express frustration with the state of the economy and security under president Abdoulaye Wade. “Haven’t you seen that those around you are hungrier than a hyena?” they warn Wade. “Be careful that people don’t do the same thing as the Tunisiens with Ben Ali.”  

Youssou N’dour, would-be Senegalese president(ial candidate), was named Minister of Culture and Tourism in Macky Sall’s provisional cabinet this week. N’dour is famous in the US for winning a grammy and collaborating with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Sting. In early January, he announced that he would stand in the presidential elections in Senegal in February. N’dour was eventually disqualified from running as an official candidate on the grounds that he did not provide enough valid signatures for his application. However, he was a major figure in the movement to oust incumbent president Abdoulaye Wade, collaborating with the Y-en-a-marre hiphop organization and speaking at M23 events. 

After the first round of voting, N’dour announced that he would hold a free concert if Wade lost the run-off vote to Macky Sall on March 25 - tickets to the concert would be an unused Wade leaflet, proving that the attendee had voted for Macky (voters are given a leaflet for each candidate, and put the leaflet for their selected candidate in the ballot box). 

The concert took place at Place de l’Obélisque in Dakar this last Tuesday, with massive turnout, as you can see from the video. I have no idea how to estimate crowds, but a friend guessed 20-30,000 people.